Laser Awards Frequently Asked Questions

What is the laser engraving process?
Laser engraving uses a low power laser to burn into gold or silver finish or direct to natural hardwood to create exact replicas of your degree. The laser spot is very small so high resolution graphics can be engraved and as material is removed, the finished product is quite permanent.

When will I receive my laser plaque?
Plaques will normally be received within 3 weeks of ordering. Each order is validated with the relevant University to ensure only bona fide plaques are produced. Whilst the validation process affects the turnaround time, 2-3 weeks is the norm.

What bases are available for gold or silver plaques?
All plaques and bases are interchangeable. For our recommendations please see our display plaques

Where can I see samples of the laser plaques?
Laser plaque displays are available at graduations and at several Queensland Universities - usually in the bookshop. Contact us for a location near you.

Is there a discount if I order more than one plaque?
Yes, for 2 plaques to one address the post & pack fees are discounted.
For 3 or more plaques to one address, please contact Laser Awards for a quote.

Can I get my older degree made into a plaque?
Yes, we have the graphics for several Australian universities. Where we don't have the graphics for older degrees we require an overall photocopy of the degree and enlargements of any logos, seals and signatures. Contact us for more information.

Why do you need a photocopy of my degree?
A photocopy provides a check of the details on the degree such as name, qualification and conferment date as well as the layout and official signatures that can vary from year to year. As laser engraving is a permanent process, if one letter is wrong the plaque must be scrapped.

What size plaques are available?
The most common plaques are 230mm x 300mm (approximately A4 in size) but the gold or silver are also available in 300mm x 400mm which is approximately A3 size.

Can I order a straighter grain timber?
Yes, if you prefer a straighter grain or a wavy grain plaque, please note that on your order form. Where possible we will try to accommodate your preference. Note that all natural wood products have minor blemishes. However we are very choosy in selecting wood that minimizes any blemishes and complements your degree.

Do I have to order now?
No, orders can be placed at any time, either at graduations, via our website or via telephone (07) 4638 2444